Unleashing your creative spirit through music education happens year-round, and we always accept new students.

Tuition is based on an average of 47 weeks per calendar year. The monthly tuition is calculated as your annual tuition divided into 12 equal payments.

All holidays and breaks have been accounted for. Tuition is auto-debited on the 20th of each month with the card on file. Any unsuccessful payments incur a $25.00 late fee.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled on the same day and at the same time each week. There are no regularly scheduled private lessons on 5th Mondays, 5th Tuesdays, 5th Wednesdays, 5th Thursdays, 5th Fridays, and 5th Saturdays. These days are reserved for any necessary make-up lessons.

The tuition cost for in-studio lessons is $144.00 per month for 30 minutes each week and $288.00 per month for 60 minutes each week.

Virtual lessons are $154.00 per month for 30 minutes each week and $308.00 per month for 60 minutes each week.

All musicians are eligible for unlimited make-up lessons at no extra charge. 

Group Classes

Group classes vary in type and cost. Available classes will be live on our website during the enrollment period. Please contact the front desk with any additional questions.

  • Families must register online, email, or call for each session.
  • No make-up classes unless the class is canceled by the instructor.


Musicians now have the option to receive instruction without a commitment to weekly lessons.

During a Pay-Per-Lesson, the musician can work on any passage or piece of music they wish. Our instructors will utilize that time to be introduced to the music, help to interpret, or even work to ensure the piece is performance-ready.

Pay-per-lessons are $65.00 (In-Studio) or $75.00 (Virtual) per occurrence for one 30-minute lesson or $85.00 (In-Studio) per occurrence or $95.00 if taken virtually for one 60-minute lesson.

Summer Camps

We are excited to bring a new flavor to our community with Summer Music Camps. Each year, we offer camps to keep our young musicians engaged in learning.

Please visit the Summer Camp section of our website for a complete list and description of what is offered and at which locations.

What’s Included in Your Tuition

Student tuition covers preparation and instruction time offered by the instructor. This includes the selection and purchasing of select repertoire, the development of the tailored curriculum, researching best practices for individual learning styles, the instructor’s training and experience, supplemental materials at the Conservatory such as tuners and metronomes, registration fees for competitions, and memberships to organizations which will ultimately catapult the student to new levels of performance.

Additionally, students are afforded amenities in the Conservatory to enhance their experience and excitement while learning music.

What’s Not Included

  • Christmas & Spring Performance Event Fees
  • Books the student will need to study at home
  • Rental Instruments
  • Required items for the upkeep of the instrument of choice
  • Enrollment Fee

Enrollment Fee Where Applicable

  • One Time $49.00 Per Student
  • Fee Includes Onboarding Package
    • Welcome Package
    • Personalized On-Boarding Experience

Virtual Learning Fee

  • $10.00 is added to the cost of the monthly tuition
  • This fee helps to cover supplemental materials purchased to deliver an engaging learning experience to the musician.
  • In-studio students can temporarily switch to virtual learning in the event of an illness or travel with a fee of $5.00 per occurrence.

No Call / No Show Fees:

  • 1st occurrence, the fee is waived
  • 2nd occurrence incurs a $20.00 fee
  • 3rd occurrence incurs an additional $20.00 fee
  • 4th occurrence is subject to automatic withdrawal without refund for the remaining tuition