Mr. Stephen

Mr. Stephen knows music is his passion in life.He has grown up playing music since he was 6 years old. He started with the drums, then went on to piano lessons and throughout high school taught himself how to play the Hammond organ, lead, acoustic, and electric bass guitar. He grew up in a music world where playing by ear and improvising on the spot was the foundation of their musicianship. After graduating from University of West Florida he was able to take these years of being in that environment and become Music Director of a local church for over 7 years. This provided him a unique perspective and experience that he can pass along to others. He was able to realize during those years how he could personally change lives through music one life at a time by not just playing but empowering others to play for themselves. In these over 6 years of experience teaching music he has been able to teach children as young as 3 years old up to adults 65 years old, groups of teenagers as a band, and choirs of adults and children of all ranges of experience. He is truly grateful for these experiences.

Take a peek at Mr. Stephen’s gifts in the video below!