Mr. Evan

Mr. Evan has been an active member of the music community in Fort Walton Beach since moving to the area in 1995. A Tubist with the Style Marchers and graduate of Choctawhatchee High School in 1997, Evan went on to attend the University of Florida where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He continues to perform with local music groups such as the Emerald Coast Community Band, the Bayou Cinco brass quintet, and the Edelweiss German Band.
The love of music shared by Evan and his wife, Ms. Jenese, has flourished in their two sons, who are also Choctawhatchee Style Marchers. Mr. Evan frequently volunteers his time with the band programs at Choctaw, serving as chaperone, tour guide, and sometimes even cooks and tailors. Evan believes that music belongs to everybody, with no exception.

Take a peek at Mr. Evan’s gift in the video below!