Violinists of Tomorrow Camp

Violinists of Tomorrow Camp

Availability: Currently Offered
Age Groups: Elementary, Middle School
Competency Level: Beginner
Locations Offered:
Locations Offered:


*In-Person Camp*

Ages 5 – 11

July 19th  – 23rd  (5 Days)

9:00am – 12:00pm (3 hours per day)

Snacks provided (Please bring water)


Beginning violin book is provided for each musician to keep

Students should have at least 3 months playing experience to fully enjoy the camp with other violinists

Beginning violinists will learn bowing techniques, note reading, and how to make music in a group setting.

Parents are invited to attend the ensemble’s performance on the last day of camp!


Early Bird Cost is $165 if registered before April 1st

Musicians must have their own violin

Camp must have at least 5 violinists registered to continue.

Camp costs are non-refundable*

*Full refunds are provided if Grow Your Gift Conservatory of Music must cancel for any reason.

Learning Outcomes

Musicians will play violin with other students of the same or higher skill level to encourage musical listening, following a conductor, and positively engaging with other musicians in an organized setting.

This experience focuses on very young or very beginner students to prepare them for Quartets, Orchestras, All-State, etc. The music book, Classical Violin for Children by Lauren Battles (Camp Instructor), will be provided in addition to any other music they work from.


  • Camp Cost $180
  • Current Grow Your Gift Students $160

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