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Many of our prospective families have the same questions. In an effort to make your decision to study with us easier, we would like to offer a little more about us in the form of Frequently Asked Questions. Of course, please feel free to call, email, or stop by if you’d like!

How is the Conservatory different from the music stores or the in-home studios that offer private lessons?

The Conservatory is intentional when selecting instructors to serve musicians at the Conservatory. Our instructors understand this is to be a long term commitment and that turnover is detrimental to our mission.

All instructors have an extensive background in the instrument(s) they desire to offer study for.

Should a student be enrolled in a music program at one of the local schools, our instructors collaborate with their directors to ensure the needs of the program are being met as the student studies with us. Instructors have been known to stay in communication with band and choral directors to truly tailor the study experience in a way that will ensure the musician is successful in their respective program.

How much is tuition?

Tuition varies depending on the type and length of study. Typically tuition for private study is $115 monthly for 30-minute study each week, $225 for 60 minutes, and etc.

Group class rates are listed on our website.

We offer sibling and military discounts for active, retired, and reservists.

Please inquire for exact tuition rates.

What does my tuition cover?

Student tuition covers preparation and instruction time offered by the instructor. This includes the selection and purchasing of select repertoire, the development of the tailored curriclum, researching best practices for individual learning styles, the instructor’s training and experience, cost of the Spring recital, supplemental materials such as tuners and metronomes, and memberships to organizations which will ultimately catapult the student to new levels of performance.

Additionally, students are afforded amenities in the Conservatory to enhance their experience and excitement while learning music.

While tuition covers everything listed above, there are a few things tuition doesn’t cover:

Christmas Recital – Due to the facility rental and other fees

Books the student will need to study from at home

Required items for the upkeep of the instrument of choice

How old does my child have to be to study at the Conservatory?

A student’s age depends on the instrument of choice. We understand a five year old probably shouldn’t learn to play the tuba just yet. But aside from size, elements such as attention span, maturity, and the ability to comprehend are considered when determining the age to begin studying music.

All of our instruments have age appropriate restrictions but a student may be exempt on a case by case basis.

We have Baby Bops classes for younger students birth to age five. This class is a great indicator of whether or not a child is ready for private study!

What happens if the teacher and the student don’t connect?

We absolutely believe the connection is the most important aspect of studying music! Afterall, music is EMOTION. It’s hard to be free when there is no connection between student and instructor.

Should there be a lack of connection, our first approach is to try and resolve through understanding the needs of the student and how we can better serve them. If no resolution is reached, we will pair the student with another instructor if one is available.

Can we enroll for private study to occur every other week?

While this may seem like a great idea to reduce travel time and yet “another” obligation on the weekly schedule, students must keep in mind that bi-weekly study actually hinders progress. We have found that students who have participated in bi-weekly lessons generally don’t practice the two weeks in between, only the few days leading up to the lesson. Also, if a lesson is missed, it’s a whole month before we see you again! One of our most valuable components of study is continuity. Because of this, we do not generally offer bi-weekly study except in very rare circumstances and only for adults.

What happens if we miss a week of study or class?

Students enrolled in private study are afforded three make-up lessons per year. (Based on the students anniversary date)

Continuity is one of the most valuable components of study and it’s important for our students to understand that studying music is a commitment if you want to truly experience growth. After the third make-up lesson, missed lessons are forfeited.

There are some exceptions where more than three make-up lessons are provided which include, but are not limited to illness, emergencies, honor ensemble rehearsals and performances outside of the Conservatory.

The make-up policy is to deter families from canceling for convenience. Aside from continuity, with the number of students we serve, scheduling becomes rather difficult for both students and the instructor.

Missed classes must be forfeited due to the nature of the offering.

Do you require students to be on contract?

Enrollment is on a month-to month basis. To expereience true growth in the instrument of choice, we recommend studying for six months to one year. Most students are able to perform a recognizable song within three months.

What is the process for leaving the Conservatory?

We understand that scheduling conflicts can occur or students lose interest and no longer want to study music. We support the decisions of our families.

To ensure instructors have proper notice and to properly end your relationship with the Conservatory, we require a 30-day written notice. This notice can be submitted within the Student Portal.

Failure to provide a 30-day notice will result in the auto-payment to be processed for the following month.

How much time should a student schedule to practice?

In order to become proficient on an instrument, students should schedule in their practice times just as they do with homework or any other responsibility. We suggest 30 minutes daily for beginners.

For more advanced students, one – two hours minimum is required to truly put into practice what was covered in the lesson.

Additionally, it is proven that our students retain more if they practice the same day, but after their lesson. A lesson does not count as practice!

Lastly, studying at the Conservatory is to learn new concepts. Students should always come prepared having mastered (or almost mastered) what was taught the previous week. In the event students haven’t practiced in the previous week, the lesson will then become a practice session. This means new material may not be taught, therefore causing a delay in progress.

What does this mean? Practice if you want to progress!

What if we don’t have our own instrument?

The Conservatory has partnered with Playground Music Center for instrument rentals. The process is quick and easy. Our Office Manager will help families complete the rental agreement. Playground Music will deliver the instrument in time for the next lesson. The auto-payment for the instrument will be debited by Playground Music.

Additionally, Playground will deliver any supplies purchased and honor the repair service if selected during the processing of your rental agreement.

Select instruments are available.

*This is a third-party agreement. The Conservatory is not responsible for instruments, accessories, service, or etc.

How long should I commit to learning an instrument to decide if I’ll be any good at it?

To expereience true growth in the instrument of choice, we recommend studying for six months to one year. Most students are able to perform a recognizable song within three months.

How are private study and group classes scheduled?

Private study is provided in 30 minute increments. Beginners are encouraged to begin with a 30 minute time slot. Towards the end of the first, and definitely in the second year, we suggest enrolling for a full hour of instruction. This is because of the amount of information provided during instruction and the questions that will arise to begin mastery of the material.

Vocal students are encouraged to enroll for one full hour of instruction. Approximately 20 minutes is dedicated to warm ups at the beginning of the lesson.

Group classes are offered in 45 minute increments.

Can we sit in the studio during our children’s study time?

Absolutely! Safety and comfort are of utmost importance here at the Conservatory. We want the parents of our students to feel comfortable both in their child’s performance and the instructor’s delivery.

We do want to make mention that often, children apprach their lesson differently when a parent is in the studio with them. They could be either more timid, more likely to seek the approval of their parent rather than demonstrate the instuction of the teacher, or disregard the teacher completely. We ask that parents take notice to the difference in behavior and excuse themselves if they feel it’s in the best interest of their child.

For parents who absolutely want to keep an eye on their child, we do have a large picture window in one of our studios. Mention this desire during registration and we will assign this studio to your lesson time.

Do I have to stay in the building while my child is actively in their study session?

Students under the age of 8 should have a parent or guardian remain in the building throughout the lesson.

We request this due to situations such as bathroom emergencies, if the student is having a bad day, and etc.

If a parent absolutely cannot stay in the building, the Office Manager must be made aware.

*Please Note: The Conservatory is not responsible for unattended children but we will provide reasonable safety measures in case of an emergency.