Voice Lessons

Whether you’re just now learning to sing or have stepped away from your gift and are ready to get back into it, our vocal instructors will utilize their vocal education to get and keep you on track to reach your goals! To get the most benefit from the vocal study, we recommend scheduling one full hour each week. It’s important to have a proper warm-up which can take 10-15 minutes of the lesson time.

Learning Outcomes

Studying voice provides a healthy foundation for any style of singing. Instruction emphasizes vocal development through proper breath control, articulation, diction, and the presentation of contemporary and/or traditional repertoire.


Age Groups

Middle School, High School, Adults

Competency Level

All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance

Virtual Pay-Per-Lessons

Grow Your Gift is currently offering virtual music lessons during this difficult time via Google Hangouts. Virtual lessons are most ideal for musicians who already have experience playing their instrument. However, we welcome the brand new musicians too!

For families with children ages 5-9, you may split the lesson into two sessions. (Full hour must be paid and utilized in consecutive 30-minute increments).

Full Lesson Experience

Our Full Lesson Experience provides continuity in learning, incentives for being a part of the Grow Your Gift Family, Performance, and scholarship opportunities.

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