Ukulele Lessons

While we are in our homes, we are offering individual online Ukulele Lessons! Whether you’re new to the instrument or looking for a safe space to jam, Ukulele class is where it’s at!

Follow along with our instructor as you unlock a world you didn’t know you needed to be a part of.

Virtual Pay-Per-Lessons are ideal for those who want to get back into the swing of being a musician or are current musicians who desire to learn a specific passage/piece. Students should already have their instrument of choice. Students ages 5yrs -9yrs may split their one hour with another family member.

Learning Outcomes

Ukulele musicians are provided a safe and fun place to come jam with their instructor. Once we re-open our doors, there will be opportunities to perform throughout the community.

Pay-Per-Lessons will help to show immediate improvement in musicianship. Additional pay-per-hours are available if desired.


Age Groups

Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adults

Competency Level

All Levels

Virtual Pay-Per-Lessons

Grow Your Gift is currently offering virtual music lessons during this difficult time via Google Hangouts. Virtual lessons are most ideal for musicians who already have experience playing their instrument. However, we welcome the brand new musicians too!

For families with children ages 5-9, you may split the lesson into two sessions. (Full hour must be paid and utilized in consecutive 30-minute increments).

Full Lesson Experience

Our Full Lesson Experience provides continuity in learning, incentives for being a part of the Grow Your Gift Family, Performance, and scholarship opportunities.

Enroll today to begin your musical journey!

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