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Horn Lessons

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Currently Offered

Horn students can expect to learn the following with dedicated attendance and practice outside of the Conservatory: music theory, how to read music, how to play scales, arpeggios and learning rhythm, the correct ways to practice in order to see growth and development, proper posture and hand positioning, ear training and intonation, learning how to tune your instrument, etudes and solos that help with technicality and musicality, and finger drills and techniques to acquire dexterity and make you a more technical player.



Locations Offered


$129 Per Month


Once Per Week


Age Groups

Middle School, High School, Adults

Competency Level

All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Learning Outcomes

(French) Horn students will learn proper technique, air support, and technicalities when familiarizing themselves and growing in the musicianship.


Pay-Per Lessons are ideal for musicians looking for temporary help on a piece of music. Students preparing for auditions at every level have benefitted from these short-term lessons. Musicians may choose to come to either location or schedule for a virtual session as the schedule permits. 

Full Lesson Experience

Our Full Lesson Experience provides continuity in learning, incentives for being a part of the Grow Your Gift Family, Performance, and scholarship opportunities.

Virtual Lessons

Grow Your Gift is currently offering virtual music lessons during this difficult time via Google Hangouts. Virtual lessons are most ideal for musicians who already have experience playing their instrument. However, we welcome the brand new musicians too!

For families with children ages 5-9, you may split the lesson into two sessions. (Full hour must be paid and utilized in consecutive 30-minute increments).

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