Violin Lessons

If you’re seeking a fun and fulfilling method to learn how to play the violin, go no further than our music school. We have a team of skilled and trained instructors that can assist you in achieving your musical goals.
Violin Lessons
Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Adult
All Levels
Offered In-Person and Online


Our instructors help grow the musical gift inside musicians of any age. From students just learning how to assemble the instrument, to those auditioning for their first symphony orchestra placement, we are here to help you grow in your musicianship.

Students who have progressed past the beginner level will be introduced to incredible repertoire written for their particular instrument and prepare for auditions for orchestral ensembles.

Instruments are available to rent for your convenience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Emphasize basic fingering techniques and exposure to various types of composition

  • Properly recognize the note names.

  • Demonstrate proper hand and arm positions.

  • Demonstrate proper bowing techniques.

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