Tribute to America Brass Camp

Middle School and High School

Recommended ages 11 - 18

Beginner, Intermediate
Offered In-Person

A five-day camp for middle and high-school brass players designed to improve performance and knowledge of their instrument. The Camp will culminate in a performance for friends and family.

Tribute to America – A focus on music history, the history of brass instruments, and how music helps us tell stories.

Musicians entering 6th grade – 12th grade

July 11th – July 15th

10:00 am – 3:00 pm (5 Hours per day)

*25 Hours of Expert Instruction on Your Instrument!*

Please bring lunch

Students will need pencils (with good erasers), their instrument, fingering charts, and scale sheets, as well as any method books they use. Any other necessary materials will be provided by the instructor.

At least 5 musicians registered are required to continue with the camp.

Camp costs are non-refundable*

*Full refunds are provided if Grow Your Gift Conservatory of Music must cancel for any reason.

Learning Outcomes

Day 1 – Camp Goals, Group Warm-Up, Sight-Reading, and the history of the Trumpet.

Day 2 – Group Warm-Up, Ensemble Rehearsals, and the history of the French Horn.

Day 3 – Group Warm-Up, Ensemble Rehearsals, and the history of the Trombone

Day 4 – Group Warm-Up, Ensemble Rehearsals, and the history of the Tuba

Day 5 – Group Warm-Up, Ensemble Rehearsals, Performance for family


Musician should have their own instrument to participate.

Instruments can be rented through our rental partnership program for an additional fee.

Register For Tribute to America Brass Camp

Frequently Asked Questions.

Enrollment is on a month-to-month basis. To experience true growth in the instrument of choice, we recommend studying for six months to one year. Most students are able to perform a recognizable song within three months.

Students enrolled in the private study are afforded three make-up lessons per year. (Based on the students anniversary date)

Continuity is one of the most valuable components of study and it’s important for our students to understand that studying music is a commitment if you want to truly experience growth. After the third make-up lesson, missed lessons are forfeited.

There are some exceptions where more than three make-up lessons are provided which include, but are not limited to illness, emergencies, honor ensemble rehearsals, and performances outside of the Conservatory.

The make-up policy is to deter families from canceling for convenience. Aside from continuity, with the number of students we serve, scheduling becomes rather difficult for both students and the instructor.

Missed classes must be forfeited due to the nature of the offering.

A student’s age depends on the instrument of choice. We understand a five-year-old probably shouldn’t learn to play the tuba just yet. But aside from size, elements such as attention span, maturity, and the ability to comprehend are considered when determining the age to begin studying music.

All of our instruments have age-appropriate restrictions, but a student may be exempt on a case-by-case basis.

We have Baby Bops classes for younger students from birth to age five.

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