Piano Lessons

We make learning to play the piano fun and easy at our music school. Students of all ages will find it rewarding to study the piano with us.
Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Adult
Beginner, Intermediate
Offered In-Person and Online


Piano students beginning at age 5 are prepared for a musical journey that will prepare them for any instrument they may choose in the future. As a foundational instrument, students will develop their love through music, ear training, sight-reading music, and more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate Music Theory application

  • Demonstrate the ability to play scales and arpeggios

  • Implement finger drills and techniques to strengthen dexterity

  • Implement proper practicing, posture, and hand positioning techniques

  • Understand rhythm

  • Utilize ear training, etudes and solos to improve technicality and musicality

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