Navarre Montessori Academy: Music After-School Program

Children attending Holley Navarre Primary and Intermediate Schools will begin their musical journey through the Navarre Montessori Academy After School program! Keep scrolling for more details.
Offered In-Person


Brand new to Navarre, Florida is the opportunity for elementary-age musicians to come together with their friends and learn to make music!

Children will be transported to the Navarre Montessori Academy After-school program to begin their musical journey through a tailored curriculum that introduces students to music performance on select instruments.

Your child will learn to create music in a group setting which will enrich their life skills such as team-building, reliability, building self-esteem, and confidence!

This program is on the schedule for the entire school year so regular attendance will ensure your child has the opportunity to become a true musician.

The cost of attendance includes instruments, supplies, and one hour per day, four days a week, Monday – Thursday.

Your $1,250.00 payment is split into two sessions with $625.00 due at the time of enrollment. Your second payment of $625.00 is due on February 1st through auto-debit.

For only $125.00 per month, your child will explore the world of music, learning skills that can strengthen every area of their life!

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