Musica Chamber Ensemble – Beginner

Musica Chamber Ensemble – Beginner

Availability: Currently Not Offered
Age Groups: Elementary, Middle School, High School
Competency Level: Beginner
Locations Offered:
Locations Offered:



Musica invites 1st and 2nd-year musicians ages 9-18 to come together and learn fun music in a group setting.

The repertoire is based on the instruments in each class session and is provided on a level to not only begin learning the fundamentals of music and playing together but music that is recognizable by beginning musicians.

Although an “audition” is required for all Chamber Ensembles, those selecting the Beginner Ensemble will be able to demonstrate how far into their musical journey they are. This helps when determining the music to be selected. Upon enrollment, students will be contacted for an audition date and time.



Grow Your Gift requires an audition for the Crescendo, Pops, and Chorale Ensembles. Please visit our Ensemble Audition page to sign up.


Learning Outcomes

Elements such as teamwork, leadership, blending sounds, and dedication will be some of the components a musician will embody.


  • In Studio $N/A
  • Virtual $N/A
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