Music Makes Friends – Group Classes

Elementary, Middle School, and High School

Recommended ages 6 - 18 Years

Beginner, Intermediate
Offered In-Person

**Rehearsal and Performance Season is January 2023 – July 2023**

Choose from one of our many performing ensembles

Musicians taking private lessons with ANY teacher in the community are eligible to attend.

*Students are not permitted to enroll at Grow Your Gift for PRIVATE LESSONS within 6 months of withdrawing from their current music instructor after joining Music Makes Friends

Private lessons are great but what’s the point of it all?

We are glad you asked!

It’s one thing to learn how to play an instrument or sing by yourself, but it’s a new incredible experience to make music (and friends!) with other people.

We are offering a fun and unique experience that allows musicians in private lessons to strut their stuff in one of several group music sessions we offer:

*Beginning wind/percussion (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, Percussion)

0 – 1 year experience or Ages 8-12

*Jazz/Big Band (Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass, Guitar, Trumpet, Drums, Trombone, Piano)

1 – 3 years experience or ages 11 – 18


All levels ages 6 – 18

Music Makes Friends runs from January to July each year. Musicians will prepare a set of music Jan – March to perform throughout the community April – July.

Musicians should commit to the entire season to make the best experience for everyone involved.

Elements such as teamwork, leadership, blending sounds, and dedication will be some of the components a musician will learn.

Registration begins November 1, 2022. Interested musicians should email for more information.


Register For Music Makes Friends – Group Classes

Frequently Asked Questions.

Students enrolled in the private study are afforded three make-up lessons per year. (Based on the students anniversary date)

Continuity is one of the most valuable components of study and it’s important for our students to understand that studying music is a commitment if you want to truly experience growth. After the third make-up lesson, missed lessons are forfeited.

There are some exceptions where more than three make-up lessons are provided which include, but are not limited to illness, emergencies, honor ensemble rehearsals, and performances outside of the Conservatory.

The make-up policy is to deter families from canceling for convenience. Aside from continuity, with the number of students we serve, scheduling becomes rather difficult for both students and the instructor.

Missed classes must be forfeited due to the nature of the offering.

We understand that scheduling conflicts can occur, or students lose interest and no longer want to study music. That’s why we support the decisions of our families.

To ensure instructors have proper notice and to end your relationship with the Conservatory, we require one month’s written notice, which can be submitted within the Student Portal.

Failure to provide a one-month notice will result in the auto-payment being processed for the following month.

We absolutely believe the connection is the most important aspect of studying music. After all, music is EMOTION. It’s hard to be free when there is no connection between student and instructor.

If there’s a lack of connection, our first approach is to try to resolve this by understanding the needs of the student and how we can better serve them. If no resolution is reached, we will pair the student with another instructor according to availability.

The cost of tuition varies depending on the type and length of the music study. Students also pay other fees to enroll in and take lessons at Grow Your Gift Music. You can locate the tuition, fees, and discounts on each music lesson page.

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