Lil’ Rhythms Rock Band Camp

Toddler and Elementary

Recommended ages 4 - 7 Years

Offered In-Person and Online
Sorry, Lil’ Rhythms Rock Band Camp is currently not offered. We’ve left this page up for reference only.

Kids are ready to see their friends…even make new ones while maintaining social distancing. Our rock band program allows kids to rehearse as a group and make music videos and perform for each other and their families. This is a great way for kids to be social and feel proud and productive.

Your child will team up with his/her peers as they work together to learn how to play an instrument in an actual rock band. The band will also write their own songs as they record a music video every 4-6 weeks.

Recitals and concerts make for magical moments, plus music videos last forever.

Young musicians can join us in Fort Walton Beach June 15th – 19th for one of two camp sessions*. 9:00am – 12Noon or 1:00pm – 4:00pm.


Instruments, Camp shirt, and snacks are provided. The cost for camp is $205.00. *Enrollment fee of $49.00 is waived. Parents are invited to their performance on June 19th.

Learning Outcomes

Our young musicians learn the basics of rhythm while incorporating listening and social skills. They rotate on drums, guitar, and piano while learning to play in a group setting.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We absolutely believe the connection is the most important aspect of studying music. After all, music is EMOTION. It’s hard to be free when there is no connection between student and instructor.

If there’s a lack of connection, our first approach is to try to resolve this by understanding the needs of the student and how we can better serve them. If no resolution is reached, we will pair the student with another instructor according to availability.

Students enrolled in the private study are afforded three make-up lessons per year. (Based on the students anniversary date)

Continuity is one of the most valuable components of study and it’s important for our students to understand that studying music is a commitment if you want to truly experience growth. After the third make-up lesson, missed lessons are forfeited.

There are some exceptions where more than three make-up lessons are provided which include, but are not limited to illness, emergencies, honor ensemble rehearsals, and performances outside of the Conservatory.

The make-up policy is to deter families from canceling for convenience. Aside from continuity, with the number of students we serve, scheduling becomes rather difficult for both students and the instructor.

Missed classes must be forfeited due to the nature of the offering.

A student’s age depends on the instrument of choice. We understand a five-year-old probably shouldn’t learn to play the tuba just yet. But aside from size, elements such as attention span, maturity, and the ability to comprehend are considered when determining the age to begin studying music.

All of our instruments have age-appropriate restrictions, but a student may be exempt on a case-by-case basis.

We have Baby Bops classes for younger students from birth to age five.

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