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Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Adult
All Levels
Offered In-Person and Online

Lessons on the horn do not have to be a drag. With the appropriate instructor, learning can be enjoyable and straightforward. Students of all ages will find it fun and rewarding to study the horn with us at our music school.

This unusual and fascinating instrument may be a great pleasure to learn and play. We ensure that our students have fun as you learn the foundations of playing the horn during your time at our music school. Our tutors can help you achieve your musical objectives, whether you’re just starting out or have some experience playing.

Our pleasant and knowledgeable teachers will work with you to design a lesson plan tailored to your specific requirements and objectives. We can help you improve your guitar playing, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

If you’d like to learn more about the horn or join up for lessons, please contact us. We’d be pleased to assist you in getting started on your musical path by answering any questions you may have.

So, what’s holding you back? Keep in touch, and we’d love to teach you how to play the horn!

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate Music Theory application

  • Demonstrate proficiency to sight-read music

  • Demonstrate the ability to play scales and arpeggios

  • Diagnose and correct embouchure, articulation, and proper air support.

  • Implement finger drills and techniques to strengthen dexterity

  • Implement proper practicing, posture, and hand positioning techniques

  • Understand rhythm

  • Utilize ear training, etudes and solos to improve technicality and musicality

Frequently Asked Questions.

We understand that scheduling conflicts can occur, or students lose interest and no longer want to study music. That’s why we support the decisions of our families.

To ensure instructors have proper notice and to end your relationship with the Conservatory, we require one month’s written notice, which can be submitted within the Student Portal.

Failure to provide a one-month notice will result in the auto-payment being processed for the following month.

In order to become proficient on an instrument, students should schedule in their practice times just as they do with homework or any other responsibility. We suggest 10-15 minutes daily for beginners.

For more advanced students, 30-45 minutes minimum is required to truly put into practice what was covered in the lesson.

Additionally, it is proven that our students retain more if they practice the same day, but after their lesson. A lesson does not count as practice!

Lastly, studying at the Conservatory is to learn new concepts. Students should always come prepared having mastered (or almost mastered) what was taught the previous week. In the event students haven’t practiced in the previous week, the lesson will then become a practice session. This means new material may not be taught, therefore causing a delay in progress.

What does this mean? Practice if you want to progress!

We absolutely believe the connection is the most important aspect of studying music. After all, music is EMOTION. It’s hard to be free when there is no connection between student and instructor.

If there’s a lack of connection, our first approach is to try to resolve this by understanding the needs of the student and how we can better serve them. If no resolution is reached, we will pair the student with another instructor according to availability.

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