Piano Exploration Class

Piano Exploration Class

Availability: Currently Offered
Age Groups: 7 - 13 Years
Competency Level: Beginner
Locations Offered:
Locations Offered:


Kids ages 7 – 13 come together to enter into the gateway of music through learning to play the piano! No practice is required between classes and all the music is provided.

We understand how busy life is and we know how important MUSIC is. Now, your child can experience music without having to sacrifice hours of practice each week.

Students in the Piano Exploration class will learn to play piano in a classroom setting and perform all they’ve learned at our Christmas Extravaganza!

Classes meet on Mondays from 4:00pm – 4:45pm

$49.00 Registration Fee is WAIVED.


Classes start Monday, August 2nd

Learning Outcomes

Piano students will learn to make really cool music with new friends. So much is said for learning music in a group setting. Learn to lead AND follow, learn to work with others, learn to make and perform fun music!


  • Tuition $115
  • Virtual $N/A

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