Cello Lessons

We are not currently offering this Private Lesson 🥺, but you can be the first to know when it is available. 
Cello lessons
Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Adult
All Levels
Offered In-Person


Cello lessons are individually tailored for students of all ages and levels who love the rich tone of this instrument. Both traditional and non-traditional teaching methods are utilized by your cello instructor to help you learn classical, pop, jazz, and even improvisation!

Beginning students start with the fundamentals of cello lessons, including proper technique in holding the cello, comfortable hand position, and holding the bow.

Advanced students continue to progress in their cello lessons with gradually challenging exercises, correct intonation, position shifting, and phrasing while learning a more significant repertoire.

Cello lessons include theory, ear training, sight-reading, technique, and history.

Instruments are available to rent for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grow Your Gift Conservatory Music in the Fort Walton Beach area is intentional when selecting instructors to serve our musicians. Our instructors understand this is to be a long-term commitment and that turnover is detrimental to our mission.

Our instructors don’t teach as a side gig to fill their time or to only earn extra money on the side. They are still very active in our music community and have chosen their career path to make a difference in the lives of each student musician they come in contact with. They are dedicated and often conduct their personal lives around their teaching schedules, not the other way around. Although teaching at Grow Your Gift is a part time job, every staff member exhibits a full-time commitment to our mission and to our students.

All instructors have an extensive background in the instrument(s) they teach.

We strive to maintain a manageable and consistent schedule through an unlimited make-up lesson policy.

Our level of communication with families is streamlined through a knowledgeable, on-site administrative team who work to serve the needs of our current and prospective customers.

Our musicians and their families can expect consistency, transparency, opportunities to perform, and an exciting and inclusive atmosphere.

The online learning fee is added to the cost of the monthly tuition. This fee helps to cover supplemental materials purchased to deliver an engaging learning experience to the musician.

In-Studio students have the option to temporarily switch to virtual learning in the event of an illness or travel with a fee of $5.00 per occurrence. Virtual student have the option of temporarily switch to in-studio learning with a fee of $5.00 per occurrence.

Be The First To Know

We are not currently offering this Private Lesson 🥺, but you can be the first to know when it is available. 

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