Ms. Ash Faircloth

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Ash Faircloth is a recent graduate from the University of West Florida with a B.M. in Music Performance emphasizing on voice. While she is taking a gap year prior to enrolling into a graduate program for vocal performance, she still continues to perform and work with musicians today.

Ash has been singing for as long as she can remember with her earliest memories being singing and playing with toys at the age of three at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. Despite moving so much due to her father’s service in the military, she still found ways to perform and even started singing in choirs at the age of 8 at Feltwell Elementary School in Feltwell AFB, England.


She found her passion for teaching her senior year of high school and felt joy seeing the aha spark the freshman choir students got after learning something. From there she knew she had to be a teacher somehow. After testing many different routes, she fell in love with teaching voice and was even a beginning voice class TA. With every student she teaches, Ash strives for all of her students to feel accepted no matter what.

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