The Conservatory

We are Fort Walton Beach’s newest community music institution dedicated to music performance education. Students of any age are able to experience top-level instruction from instructors with formal music education in addition to extensive performance experience.

Wind Strings & Percussion

Our instructors for wind, strings, and percussion instruments help grow the musical gift inside musicians of any age. From students just learning how to assemble the instrument, to those auditioning for their first symphony orchestra placement, we are here to help you grow in your musicianship.


Whether you’re just now learning to sing or have stepped away from your gift and are ready to get back into it, our vocal instructors will utilize their vocal education to get and keep you on track to reach your goals! To get the most benefit from the vocal study, we recommend scheduling one full hour each week. It’s important to have a proper warm-up which can take 10-15 minutes of the lesson time.

Private Piano & Clarinet Lessons Offered in our Comfortable In-Studio Environment or the Convenience of In-Home. 30 Minute and 1 Hour Sessions Available. Also Offering Music Clinics to Help Your Band Grow. Servicing the Fort Walton Beach, Fl Areas.

Beginning – Advanced Piano

Music is a necessary component of life. If you ask us, learning the piano is the basis of being effective in many genres of music. Through learning this most popular instrument, musicians begin to identify notes through aural (ear) training, learn the different keys through which music is played, build chords, and build dexterity in their fingers.

Sound Engineering

For students who are eager to learn the components of recording music utilizing top-of-the-line equipment, this is for you! Our Sound Engineer is nationally recognized for his artistic capabilities behind the scenes of any great musical performance. Click below for more great information.

Ukulele Group Class

It’s here!

The Conservatory offers group style Ukulele classes. Whether you’re new to the instrument or looking for a safe space to jam, Ukulele class is where it’s at!

Visit us each Tuesday and bring your own instrument!

Three  classes are scheduled:

Beginner – All Ages  3:30 – 4:15

Ages 7 – 17    4:30 – 5:15

Adults 18+    5:30 – 6:15

Monthly tuition is only $75.00 and enrollment is quick and easy online!

Click ‘Lessons Schedule” and find your desired Ukulele Class to get started!

African Circle Drumming Class

A fun space just for adults is here!

Spend 45 minutes each week on YOU. Bring your African hand drum and jam away with other adults who desire to add just a little more joy to their lives.

Take time out of your busy schedule to participate in a group hand drumming class to have fun and learn a little while you’re doing it!

Class is scheduled for Thursdays at 6:00 – 6:45. For adults, 18 and up.

Monthly tuition is only $75.00 per month and enrollment is quick and easy online.

Click “Lessons Schedule” and find African Circle Drumming to get started!

*Must have your own instrument. Rentals may be available in the future.

Home School Music Class

Children who are homeschooled can now fall in love with music at an early age through a fun and engaging curriculum!

Join us each Monday at 11:00 am – 11:45 am to learn all about music and its components. Parents can expect their children to spend time learning all about genres, rhythms, instruments and more!

Basic piano keyboarding, Recorder Karate, and bucket drumming are just of the few exciting projects we will work on throughout the semester!

Classes are billed monthly in the amount of $50.00 per child. This amount is recurring each month and can be canceled prior to the 15th day of any month to stop billing for the next month.

*Monthly tuition can be prorated for the first month only. No refunds*

Must have a minimum of 5 students to move forward with the class.

The registration fee is waived.

Maximum of 10 students.

Ensembles @ The Conservatory

Grow Your Gift Conservatory of Music will offer small ensembles beginning January 2020!

This program is ideal for students at the STEMM Academy, Collegiate High School, Northwest Florida Ballet or any student who otherwise is not able to participate in their school’s band or chorus programs.

Additionally, ensembles are created for adults interested in performing throughout the community.

Any student considering auditioning for either the beginning or advanced ensembles must be currently taking lessons (at any music institution) and have been taking lessons for at least 3 months. Instructor recommendation is required.

Ensembles will receive community exposure which allows our musicians to share their gift of music!

Current Conservatory students will receive discounted tuition for their respective ensemble.

Please check back later for additional information.

Rehearsal Space

Our area is lucky to have an infinite number of great bands! Throughout the summer, you can catch one on just about any night at any waterfront venue.

The only way to become an incredible ensemble is to have ample space for rehearsals. The Conservatory offers that space!

We are able to provide customized monthly packages for your small to medium sized band. Please contact us for more information!

Baby Bops Class

Music has no age limits! Our youngest students (ages 0 – 5) are able to join us for an exciting music education curriculum tailored just for them!

We have two classes on Mondays: 9:00am – 9:45am & 10:00am – 10:45am.

Tuition is only $5.00 per class, per family. Come and enjoy time with your little one while learning about the world of music!

I give this company a five star

I give this company a five star because of what they have done with my grandkids, their gift and patient is unbelievable. The accomplishment this lady has brought out of these young kids is amazing. I will recommend her and this company to anyone who wants to learn music.

Tina Robinson

My daughter is very excited to go to every new lesson and learn something new each time

My daughter started to take piano lessons in Grow Your Gift Studio in March 2018 and I already see a big progress. Ms. Marlayna is a great teacher, she explains everything very well. My daughter is very excited to go to every new lesson and learn something new each time. We were so blessed to know about this studio.

Olga Watkins

Marlayna is a very patient, kind, encouraging, rigorous, and disciplined instructor

Marlayna is a very patient, kind, encouraging, rigorous, and disciplined instructor and I highly recommend her and her studio!

Lisa Hiracheta Chia

Ms. Marlayna is a wonderful piano teacher!

Ms. Marlayna is a wonderful piano teacher! My kids (8 & 5) just started taking lessons about 3 months ago & they have both learned so much. They love lesson time and practicing – trying to earn their T’s. Marlayna has a really great way of explaining music and piano to kids all while keeping it fun & pushing them. She is very reasonably priced & flexible. We are so excited we found her and to see my kids learn. It has even got me thinking about taking lessons again for myself.

Jessica Noem Drenth

Types of Private Music Instruction Available

Instrumental & Vocal

Our private instruction is budget-friendly and provides a comfortable and structured environment. Parents are welcome to sit in on the lessons.

Components of Music

Learn the components of music such as recording arts, music theory composition, songwriting and more! Tuition is increased for this specialized instruction to perfect your artistry on state of the art equipment and learn from renowned musicians whose teaching styles will serve you for years to come.

Competitive Tuition Rates

Four Lessons/Sessions Monthly

30 Minutes Recommended Beginner

$115/per month

One - On - One Private Instruction

Comfortable and Engaging Environment

Parents Welcome

Military & Sibling Discounts Available

1 Hour Recommended Intermediate

$225/per month

One - On - One Private Instruction

Relative Music Theory Education

Comfortable and Engaging Environment

Parents Welcome

Military & Sibling Discounts Available

1 1/2 Hours Recommended Advanced

$330/per month

One - On - One Private Instruction

Relative Music Theory Education

Intensive Technique and Musicianship Component

Comfortable and Engaging Environment

Parents Welcome

Military and Sibling Discounts Available

1 Hour Minimum Recording Arts Sessions

$235/per month

One-On-One Private Instruction for Sound Engineering

State of the Art Equipment


Comfortable and Engaging Environment

Knowledgeable and Accomplished Instructor

Military and Sibling Discounts Available