Conservatory of Music

Dedicated to Music Performance Education

Grow Your Gift

Grow Your Gift Conservatory of Music is the area’s only full-service community music institution.

We are a collaborative institution whose mission is to promote music education to people of all ages and in every aspect of life. We accomplish this through private study, group classes, and community partnerships enriching the music programs in our area!

Located in Fort Walton Beach, The Conservatory offers serious study to students who are ready and willing to commit the time it will take to develop their musical gift. We are a family of instructors specializing in many instruments to bring the love of music to everyone who desires to experience it. We understand the importance of studying music and all of its elements to create a well-rounded experience and appreciation for the art.

Our instructors are all formally trained in their instrumental gift and spend their time preparing a customized curriculum for our students. We are dedicated to what we do here at the Conservatory and our students truly feel important and cared about.

To ensure a positive experience, we provide a structured environment which allows serious study and the exponential growth of musicians of any age.

We look forward to having your family as a part of ours.

~The Grow Your Gift Family

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