A Music School That Releases your Creative Spirit

Grow Your Gift Conservatory of Music, located in Fort Walton Beach, is not your typical “music lessons company”.

Make the decision TODAY to be a part of an incredible community where healing takes place, self-confidence is boosted, and be one of the cool kids who find their place in this world through music. (Adults can still be one of the cool kids.)

We have so much to offer you:

-Music Summer Camps

-Private Music Lessons

-Group Music Classes

Find the perfect fit for you, your family, and friends.

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Learn and Perform Music With Us

Why Learn and Perform Music with Us?

Make Friends

Student musicians make instant connections because they have something in common — MUSIC!

Build Confidence

Learning to play an instrument is not easy. But as you grow in your musical confidence and skill with us, you’ll soon be ready to show off what you’ve been learning each week.

Improve Life Skills

Practicing music grows your determination, perseverance, and dedication levels, as well as a host of other skills that make life more enjoyable.

Our Unique Learning Approach

In order to best serve musicians at Grow Your Gift Conservatory of Music, we are intentional in our music selection process.

All of our instructors have extensive experience in the instrument(s) they teach and their passion comes across in every lesson.

Fort Walton Beach Clarinet Lessons

The Voice of Our Students

Implement Learning In Your Busy Lifestyle

We have an amazing offer for all music lovers! Whether you’re a student, local, or out-of-town resident who can’t make it to the Fort Walton Beach area, we offer virtual lessons that provide the same experience as if they were live and in the studio.

We take advantage of the Tonara Platform to connect with our students nationwide and keep them engaged between weekly lessons.