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music school

Grow Your Gift Conservatory of Music is locally owned and continues the legacy of high-quality music performance in our community through educational opportunities for people of any age. 

Have fun learning music

Offered In-Person and Online

Why learn music with us?

Make New Friends

Student musicians make new friends right away because they have the same interests…MUSIC!

Build Confidence

Learning to play a musical instrument takes courage. Student musicians build confidence by joining us each week to show off what they’ve been learning.

Improve Life Skills

Student musicians improve their lives by putting into practice determination, perseverance, dedication, and a host of other skills that make life more enjoyable.

Our approach to learning is different

We are intentional when selecting instructors to serve musicians at the Conservatory.

Our instructors understand this is to be a long-term commitment and that turnover is detrimental to our mission.

All instructors have an extensive background in the instrument(s) they desire to teach.

Clarinet Lessons

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Learn around your busy schedule

Many students, local and out of town, take advantage of our virtual music lessons that offer a paralleled experience as if live and in-studio!

We utilize the Tonara Platform to not only connect with our students nationwide, but to keep students engaged between weekly lessons.